Toddlers are so fun, awesome, and exhausting! I spend most of my day taking pictures of the crazy things my toddler is up to.

As a mom of four kids (ages 2,5,7,10), I am going through the toddler stages yet again with my youngest! I am so excited to share some of the things that we'll be doing together this year in our weekly newsletter!

Here's the plan:
Our newsletter will arrive in your inbox each weekend. This way you can plan ahead for the next week! We'll share what's new over on the blog plus other activities we've been up to. You'll also get our FREE monthly calendar filled with activity ideas and book suggestions!

My goal:
"The days are long but the years are short..." so let's fill those LONG or crazy days with awesomeness. Our toddlers might not remember everything we do with them, but they WILL remember that we spent time together and that we made them feel loved. Whether it is for 5 minutes a day or a few hours, I want to make those moments count.

Your job:
Take a sec and hit reply every week or two and tell me what you're up to, what you've tried, and any tips you can share with me! 

Special Thank You!
As a 'Thank You' for joining our community, we'll be sending you our Free Monthly Calendar. Make sure you watch for our Final Welcome Email that confirms you are a subscriber. Your first monthly calendar link will be in that email along with a link to our most recent newsletter!

Thanks for joining me!
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